Preliminary Program 9th-11th of October

The preliminary program will be continously updated. A detailed list of the presentations in each session  is given below.

9th of October

16:00 – Excursion to KTHs Experimental Facilities

The Division of Chemical Technology at KTH has invited Nordic Flame Days to a lab-tour on the evening before the conference. We will meet at the Conference venue at 16:00 on Monday the 9th for a short presentation of the research activities at KTH and a tour through their experimental facilities. The visit is expected to last for 1,5 hour.

10th of October


11th of October


Ses. Abstract Author/s
1A Diagnostic and In-Flame Measurment Technique
An Optical Investigation of Methane/Diesel Dual-Fuel Combustion Zeeshan Ahmad
Camera Measurements in Cement Kilns – Impact of Alternative Fuels on Kiln Flames Morten Nedergaard Pedersen
Investigation of H2O, temperature and potassium in entrained flow biomass combustion – coupling in situ TDLAS with modelling Florian Schmidt
Experimental study of premixed CH4/O2 spherical flames under positive DC voltage in N2, Ar and Ar/CO2 environments Chao Li
Development of a camera based system for detection of temperature, soot concentration and equivalence ratio in flames relevant for entrained flow gasification Yngve Ögren
1B Fuel flexibility
Combustion of thermoplastic particles in a single particle combustor Mohammadhadi Nakhaei
Full-scale milling tests of wood pellets for combustion in a suspension-fired power plant boiler Marvin Masche
Pelletization of torrefied biomass: a modelling approach Maria Puig-Arnavat
Evaluation of rock ilmenite used for oxygen carrier aided combustion (OCAC) during combustion of wood chips in a 12 MWth CFB-boiler Angelica Corcoran
Formation of nitrogen oxides during combustion of various fuels in rotary kilns for iron ore production Christian Fredriksson
2A Reaction modelling and optimization
Propane Oxidation at High Pressure and Intermediate Temperatures Hamid Hashemi
Laminar burning velocity of diluted C2H2 + O2 + N2 mixtures Vladimir Alekseev
Laminar burning velocity of C3 alcohol isomers and propionaldehyde at atmospheric pressure Gianluca Capriolo
Effects of Lignocellulosic Compounds on the Yield, Nanostructure and Reactivity of Soot from Fast Pyrolysis at High Temperatures Anna Trubetskaya
2B Ash Formation & Mangement
Continuous leaching and analysis and high temperature thermodynamic calculations to predict separation of valuable elements from biomass and waste ash streams Patrik Yrjas
Slag formation during entrained flow gasification. Part 1: Calcium rich bark fuel Per Holmgren
Slag formation during entrained flow gasification. Part 2: Silicon rich grass fuel with HKCO3 additive Markus Broström
Lead chloride migration and reactivity in deposits containing potassium salts Hanna Kinnunen
3A Heterogeneous Sub-Models
Development of a heat-transfer corrected isothermal model for biomass pyrolysis Hao Luo
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Ash Behaviour in Fixed-Bed Combustion of Woody Biomass Pellets Henrik Ström
3D modelling of single particle conversion processes Timo Niemi
Characterization and prediction of tar formation from fast pyrolysis of lignin Anna Trubetskaya
3B Corrosion
Effect of potassium enriched ilmenite bed particles on corrosion of heat transfer materials in chemical looping combustion Jan-Erik Eriksson
Suitability of ToF-SIMS to study the effect of oxygen source in high-temperature corrosion Juho Lehmusto
Increased steam temperature with Steamboost superheater – The effect of the combustion in deposits and high temperature corrosion Maria Dolores Paz
Protective Coatings for the Stock in Steel Reheating Furnaces John Niska
3C Combustion Concepts
Experimental measurements of an industrial scale diesel burner Joachim Lundberg
Investigation of moist fuel bed combustion in grate furnaces Nagres Razmjoo
Presence and behaviour of lead in a full-scale waste wood fired BFB-boiler Merja Hedman
Combustion of fuel mixtures in oil shale fired CFB and PC boilers Lauri Loo
4A CINS Topical Session
Large-Eddy Simulation of the Dual Fuel Diesel Pilot Ignition Heikki Kahila
Three-Dimensional Linear Eddy Modeling Applied to a Turbulent Lifted Hydrogen Flame in Vitiated Co-Flow Fredrik Grøvdal
Eulerian-Lagrangian simulations of reacting spheroidal biomass particles in turbulent flows Ning Guo
A method for DNS of droplet evaporation in turbulent flows Giandomenico Lupo
4B Modelling
Three-dimensional semi-empirical modelling of utility scale circulating fluidized bed furnaces Markku Nikku
Drag force on an object immerged in a fluidized bed – Experimental characterization by magnetic particle tracking Anna Köhler
CFD simulations on marine burner flames Giovanni Cafaggi
Modelling and optimization of a small diesel burner for mobile applications Zahra Musavi
5A CINS Topical Session
Large eddy simulation of a partially premixed industrial gas turbine burner fitted to an atmospheric test rig. Daniel Moell
Advancements in Accuracy for Flamelet Generated Manifold Combustion Model Karin Fröjd
Ignition Characteristics of N-heptane/Methanol-air Mixture under High Temperature and High Pressure Conditions Si-yuan Hu
Fuel Flexibility of Flameless Combustion in a Model Gas Turbine Combustor Ehsan Fooladgar
5B Combustion Chemistry
Calculation of the extinction time scale in ultra-lean gas mixtures at dual fuel gas engine conditions using the EDC local extinction approach Anders Brink
Influence of Alkali on Post-Flame CO Oxidation Martin Seemann
The Influence of Potassium on Gasification Reactions Kent Davidsson
Biomass ignition in mills and storages – is it explained by conventional thermal ignition theory? Lars Schwarzer
6A Diagnostic and In-Flame Measurment Technique
Broad range quantitative in-situ measurement of alkaline metal release during biomass gasification using microwave enhanced laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Jan Viljanen
Investigations of hydrogen addition to flames at elevated pressure – optical diagnostics and chemical modelling Christian Brackmann
In-situ laser measurement of oxygen concentration and flue gas temperature utilizing chemical reaction kinetics Jan Viljanen
The IACM (In situ Alkali Chloride Monitor) instrument, Background, Principle, Calibration and Application Tomas Leffler
Diffuse Back-illuminated Imaging of Soot in an Optical Reciprocating Rapid Compression Machine Karl Oskar Pires Bjørgen
6B Emission Control
Reduction of natural gas engine power plant emitted particulate matter by catalytic exhaust after-treatment Jenni Alanen
Characterization of oil shale particle emissions from circulating fluidized bed combustion Fanni Mylläri
Measurements of NOx precursor concentration profile above the fuel bed at a full scale W-t-E plant and the effect of precursor speciation on the NOx formation Morten Søe Jepsen
Soot Modelling with CMC using Tabulated Chemistry Harry Lehtiniemi
The IFRF – Past, Present and Future:  70 years of the International Flame Research Foundation Philip Sharman